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Your Vitals is a newsletter created by BIPOC journalists to deliver important health news about Black, Indigenous, Asian and communities of colour.

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What's Your Vitals?

News that puts BIPOC Health front and centre.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us race matters.

Black Canadians are more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19. In the US the disease is killing African Americans, Latin Americans and Indigenous people at a higher rate than people who are white.

But COVID-19 is not our only threat. There are scores of illnesses—like diabetes, dementia and cancer—where we face higher risks.

News that focuses on our health concerns can be hard to find. Many news organizations serve a “mainstream” audience which is presumed to be white and middle class.

The result is that we may never hear about research and treatments that can keep us healthy or even save our lives. For example the oximeter - a device, similar to a clothespin that clips on your finger to measure oxygen levels in your blood. Last year, a study revealed the device can be less accurate for dark skinned people. Oxygen levels may appear normal when they’re not, people may fail to get medical intervention when they need it, and patients may be sent home when they should stay in hospital.

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"Your Vitals is inspirational and is truly needed, it is time that the focus is on us."

- Hazel C.

"Finally more representation. We need more health stories about people who look like me."

- Alyssa R.

"This is the news I need to keep my family safe."

- Naela C.

You can’t protect yourself if you don't know. That’s why we launched Your Vitals, a newsletter about BIPOC health to help you maintain the best health for you and your loved ones.

We will provide a roundup of reports, research, and resources you need to know, as well as highlight the work of BIPOC leaders who are tackling racial bias and racism in healthcare.

We want to hear from you too! We will ask our subscribers what we should cover and what questions need answering. Join as Your Vitals reimagines the way we deliver health news, by moving BIPOC Health issues from the margins to centre stage.

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There are important health stories that rarely get told and don't reach the people who need to know the most. We want to change that so everyone can have a chance to enjoy better health.

— Elizabeth St. Philip, Founder of Your Vitals

Meet Elizabeth.

Your Vitals is led by Elizabeth St. Philip, an award winning journalist with over twenty years experience covering health news for a national audience. She's been a patient and a caregiver for her mother who suffered from a long-term illness. She knows firsthand the importance of getting accurate health information quickly. Elizabeth recognized there was a huge gap in health reporting that needed to be filled.

She launched
Your Vitals to help BIPOC communities stay healthy and informed.

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